lets be real dippers internet history was probably like



"After all I do for you, you lie to me? So you can sneak off with some other girl? That night we played video games… I don’t know what it meant to you, but ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. That night, I really thought… ‘Player 2’? Is that just you way of saying I could’ve been anyone?" 



"Boys won’t like you if you dress in lolita"



This is the rough animatic of Garnet and Amethyst’s fusion dance from Coach Steven! It’s got the scratch music track that we animated to: “Freak” by Estelle.

This was a super fun collaboration. I animated Garnet’s dancing and Rebecca Sugar animated Amethyst dancing. We had to synchronize!

Pearl covering Steven’s eyes was done by Raven Molisee and Sugilite appearing was drawn by Paul Villeco.

Animatic editing by Lauren Hecht

Voices by Estelle and Nicki Minaj